Finding Out if You Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

How do you know if you qualify for Social Security disability benefits? How should you proceed if you believe you are a qualifying individual? These questions can be difficult and it can be overwhelming to find the best answers. However, if you have a disability that inhibits your ability to work for a living then you might be able to benefit from the assistance that Social Security provides. Since the issue of Social Security can be a difficult one to navigate, we would like to take some time to provide you with the tools necessary to assist you on your journey toward understanding Social Security and getting qualified for its benefits. We hope you find this a helpful and informative resource.

How do I Know if I Qualify for Social Security?

When it comes to determining if you qualify for social security disability benefits, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you have a physical or mental disability that prevents you from holding a full-time job. If your answer is yes to this question then you may qualify for disability benefits. If you have a qualifying disability then you need to have worked at a job that social security covers. In most cases, Social Security pays cash benefits on a monthly basis providing your disability has inhibited you from working for a year or more. To learn more about the specific requirements of disability qualification, be sure to reference Social Security‘s resources on this matter.

How do I Proceed if I Qualify?

If you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you can apply online. Once you have done this and have been approved, your benefits will continue until your disability no longer prohibits you from being able to work. You will also want to consider that Social Security has “work incentives”. These incentives are meant to assist you in your transition as you rejoin the workforce by providing you with continued benefits.

Getting Legal Help

If you think you qualify for the benefits of Social Security, you will need to get legal help as you seek to navigate its difficult terrain. If you have a claim that has been rejected then you need to look into getting a lawyer to help you in your fight for Social Security disability benefits. Finding a lawyer with a knowledge of your condition as it relates to Social Security benefits is vital in fighting for your right to receive benefits. If you feel that you are not getting the benefits that you are entitled to, be sure to think of Dreaden & Cox Attorneys At Law for all your legal needs.

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