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Eminent Domain

What is Eminent Domain?

Do you understand what is meant by Eminent Domain? It is the power of the government to take over private property for a public purpose without obtaining the owner’s consent. It is commonly used to force owners to sell property that is needed by the government for a public project. The process of Eminent Domain is also called condemnation and is included in our Federal and State constitutions. The government may not take private property for public consumption without providing compensation to the rightful owner. Eminent Domain is exercised by the federal, state and local governments.

Why do I need an attorney to represent me in my Eminent Domain case? To be sure that you are compensated fairly for the taking of your property. Do you want the Government to tell you what your rights are and how much your property is worth?

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Why do you need Dreaden and Cox?

If you are facing an Eminent Domain case, it is important that you hire an experienced lawyer to explain what rights the government is seeking to take and the process by which they take it. More importantly, you need to know how to evaluate the property or property rights being taken, and what types of damages are recoverable. We will also help get you the compensation you deserve as a result of the taking.

Our firm has experience with both sides of an Eminent Domain/Condemnation case. Doug Cox has formerly represented the government but now, and in recent years, has represented property and business owners who are facing Eminent Domain.

We begin your representation by explaining the Eminent Domain process to you. Then we seek to have the condemned property evaluated, also analyzing the impact of the project and any damages for which you can be compensated. After a thorough discussion with you and other professionals, we will develop a winning strategy to ensure that you get the maximum compensation that you are entitled to. This is a complicated process and our experience will make a difference. If you wish to have a free consultation call us at 1-(877) 634-8005 or contact us using the contact form on this webpage.

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