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How to Promote a Healthy Lawyer and Client Relationship

…When you need a lawyer, your life is probably going through changes. Whether you have been arrested or you are suing someone, this time can be extremely scary and stressful. Even if you are just fighting for your family, the whole court system can make this a trying time.

The right lawyer can make the difference between a stressful time and an unbearable one.

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Five Questions You Should Always Ask a Potential Attorney

…If you are seeking representation for a legal issue or upcoming court case, finding the right fit when it comes to your attorney is important. If you are new to the legal world and are looking for a lawyer to work with, it is important to take this process seriously and ask a few questions up-front.

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Is My Lawyer My Friend?

…Traveling the road of any legal case is a journey into the unknown for most people. It can be filled with hardship, confusion, and emotional strain. It is natural for a person to desire support. It is also natural to feel inclined to lean upon those with the most intimate knowledge of a case.

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