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Injured at work? Why you need a worker’s compensation attorney

…If you’re injured on the job, you will naturally have a ton of questions on your mind. First and foremost is the concern of whether or not you qualify for worker’s compensation, so for many individuals, it can be particularly beneficial to consult an attorney who has experience assessing these types of claims.

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What you need to do if a car hits you

…You were minding your own business until, suddenly, you weren’t on your feet anymore. No one leaves their house expecting to be hit by a car, but it happens far more often than many think. When it does, there are certain precautions every person should take — regardless of how hard you were hit.

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5 Questions to Consider When You’re Injured in a Slip, Trip, and Fall Accident

…It’s embarrassing when you fall on someone’s property. You feel like it’s your fault. You try to get away before someone notices what happened, but you should think it through before you make your escape. Take a moment to assess your situation, especially if you’re injured. The property owner may be legally liable for your injuries if a condition on the premises contributed to your fall. 

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Law Review: Workplace Injuries in the News

…The success of workplace safety depends on clear communication and trust between businesses owners and employees. Manufacturers and distributors owe it to their customers to inform them of hazardous materials in their products.

When health and safety are set aside in favor of profits, the law is often the only recourse for those who suffer illness or injury as a result.

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Who is Responsible for Hoverboard Injuries?

…They may not hover and they may not even technically be boards, but one thing is for certain, they are pretty dangerous modes of light travel. Everything from falls and property damage to straight up bursting into flames, these mini Segways have proven to be a personal injury case waiting to happen, not just for the riders, but those around them.

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