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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Is My Lawyer My Friend?

…Traveling the road of any legal case is a journey into the unknown for most people. It can be filled with hardship, confusion, and emotional strain. It is natural for a person to desire support. It is also natural to feel inclined to lean upon those with the most intimate knowledge of a case.

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What are the First Steps to Take After a Product Liability Accident?

Many might think that they will probably never be involved in a product liability accident. However, the reality is that it is statistically more likely that even being in a car accident. You use a variety of products that if were malfunctioning, defective, or just aren’t safe, could cause serious harm.

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Why You May Need a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Workers’ compensation laws require employers to provide certain benefits to employees who are injured on the job. Employers may be required to provide the injured employee with wage replacements, medical benefits, disability options and occupational rehabilitation support. Some employers attempt to circumvent the law by avoiding or fighting workers’ compensation claims.

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Five Ways to Protect Your Rights Even If You’re Unsure About Your Product Liabilty Case

If you believe a defective product caused your injury, it’s critical to take timely steps to protect your legal rights. Of course, defects are often difficult to prove or even understand. It’s easy to doubt your instincts, especially if no one else has filed a consumer complaint or lawsuit against the manufacturer.

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